The Magic and The Power of Value It. The Legend Continues…

I spent some time as the owner of a computer repair, computer recycling shop. Due to lack of funds I had to have it located in what was essentially an overgrown indoor flea market. While not the best for business, it was AWESOME for all the crap I found. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

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You're gonna die clown!

Seriously, what kind of game is this? Close your eyes and I'll show you.

Larry Hagman's got game yo.

If You're Ever In Texas...Freddy Fender will most likely rape you. This album changed my life, and when I finished counseling I was okay with Freddy Fender's life sentence instead of the death penalty.

I hope this is a movie soundtrack and I hope to one day own the movie.

Its frightening how much this man looks like my dad. Who's your daddy?

Grace Slick hates epidermus.

When you need a Super Jock, you need someone from the Master Race.

The most depressing clock ever.

The eighth wonder of the world likes to watch.

Nothing says "Here's some flowers just because I love you" like a giant glass penis vase.

Now you too can smell like the worst parts of a turkey.

No I'm not.

Hole In One!

I know what's about to happen in her mouth!

They faked this lunch box.

There's no justice like Savage Justice, except maybe for Mustache Justice!

Are those his balls? Oh its just bubble gum.

THE CB radio game.

Its cool hip fun dude.

Can you detect my erection?

I thought the Generals were due!

Angela Lansbury approved

What? Me worry?

Mmmm mmm mmm mmm

That's some strange pussy.

Looks that kill...or perhaps its the toxic adhesives that are responsible.

Hari Kari

Hari Kari

Doesn't she live in a van down by the river now?


I promise not to kill you.

Razorbacks are go.

Championimus Prime

Championimus Prime

Don't go unprotected.

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