Operation: Yeti Sex- Club Escape!

As we set off on the seas of poon, alien Yeti sex fiends, so-so hockey games and drunken debauchery in our trusty ship the S.S. Tappinass, we had one rule; any place we go better have fully exposed vaginae. So the Tappinass was being crewed by Turbo, 3D, Leo, Bodie, and our captain, Big Dut when we wheeled that big son of a bitch into Beaver Falls, PA and down Beaver Boulevard to the Escape Gentlemen’s club.

The gate was a little pricey at $20 for an evening of fun, but a big factor here was that booze was free. We drank way more than $20 each so that worked out. There were five girls and aside from one little cunt-runt chubby bitch who had no personality, they were all gorgeous.

Al in all I’d say this place gets four out of five crazy Yeti Cocks. If you’re in the area stop by.

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