New SNYDER album

New Orleans- For the first time since the devastating plane crash 6 months ago all of the members of SNYDER have gathered together to announce they are planning to release their 7th studio album. The band’s 33 year career has had it share of controversy but the band’s new management team of Leo and Chicken Charlie assures us the entire band is on the same page.

Long time members King Dut, Turbo and Nasty will be teaming up with new drummer Asian Cimba and bassist The JaGe as well as welcoming back former guitarist Bodie McNapnap as their keyboardist. SNYDER’s last album, Come Again, was considered one of the best hard rock albums of the last few decades but Turbo and Dut say they are prepared to follow it up with something better.

The new album is being called “Thruster” and is going to be a concept album about a young man coming of age and coming to grips with sex addiction, alcohol addiction and triumphing over adversity. No doubt most of the stories will be influenced by the real life misadventures of the band. The album will be produced by legendary producer Rick Ruben…’s third cousin twice removed, Laurie Graham and will feature a wide variety of hard rock styles.

When asked for comment King Dut said, “The premise is that our dicks are like the crystal skulls and during an orgy our dicks communicated with one another and a bunch if weird shit happened.” Turbo replied, “Its about this kid Richard Thrust, who joins a band and rockets to fame and has to learn to deal with it. He’s faced with the question, is it actually better to burn out or fade away”.

Some of the songs already recorded for the album are “Crystal Head (Won’t You Gimme Some)”, “Temple of Boom”, “Thruster”, “(Tits) Out the Backside” and “Bend ‘er Over Break It Off”. The band claims that the Thruster album will be accompanied by an all new original video game for the XBox 360 and PS3 as well as a comic book series and an animated feature film.

All in all this promises to be a great year for the band from Liberty Park. Stay tuned for updates.

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