Reflections Guy- 3/23/11

There’s a guy in this building who works in another office whom I see daily. He is always sitting in the courtyard in his dad jeans and maroon flannels. He has a reddish chin beard and mustache and is probably about 50. He is always writing things on a yellow notepad and I always envision him writing down his daily reflections. I routinely try to imagine what he’s writing, and its always in the voice of Kip from napoleon dynamite.

“Today I find myself feeling sad, mostly the lonleyness. I made a beautiful breakfast for myself of scrambled eggs and harvest wheat toast with a smidgeon of elderberry jam just for taste and a sweet little kick. I like to put pepper on my scrambled eggs. I just wish I had someone to share my beautiful breakfast and sunshine smiles. I know I will find someone and I am mostly optimistic. Mostly.”

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