Sammy Hagar: I was abducted by aliens

I have to admit, I’ve never met Sammy…at least not sober enough to remember. I did see him hanging out at a bar I was hanging out at one time, but I never talked to him. He seems the a genuinely cool guy, even though I prefer DLR era VH, Hagar seems like the cooler guy, I love his solo stuff, I LOVE HIS TEQUILA, I love Chickenfoot and all around he seems like an alright dude.

Today my good buddy and Hey Stupid correspondent, King Dut, sent me a text stating “The Red Rocker was abducted by aliens but they let him go because they CAN drive 55”. I decided to google this claim and sho’nuff, there it was. Admittedly I didn’t read anything past “They were plugged into me. It was a download situation,” and I knew it had to be true.

Apparently the aliens downloaded music into the Red Rocker’s head and then let him go, but I think they wanted him for another reason…

It's the best...of...invading worlds!

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