Operation Yeti Sex: The Deuce- Bustin’ Loose –Coming Soon!!!

Starring: King Dut as Mofo Brown, Turbo as Black Storm, Bodie as Richard Thrust and introducing the JaGe as Kung Fu Brotha.

Operation Yeti Sex: The Deuce “Bustin’ Loose” is the tale of three badassssss, King Kong-Muddafuggas teaming up once again to rescue their imprisoned brothers.
Big Willy (Tommy Dolan) and Lil’ Shank (Leo) have been locked up by the man for “bein’ way too super cool” and its up to the Operation Yeti Sex crew to look at vaginas, get lap dances, dry hump strippers and insult ugly fat chicks to free them.
The boys have a new recruit this time as Kung Fu Brotha is brought into the fold for his unique skills when it comes to seducing supposedly Asian strippers.
Watch as the adventure unfolds across the wild strip club landscape of West Virginia!!!
The Deuce hits theaters April Second!!!

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