The Deuce: Black Storm

Black Storm began his career in badasssssss ass kicking under the name Black Fist! Black Fist traveled from the East in quest of “The Power”. While most that he encountered believed “The Power” to be some sort of Kung-Fu term, it turns out “The Power” refers to the exact mix of new car smell and strawberry douche that goes into a strippers body spray.

Black Fist entered many dojos, titty bars, pussy palaces and strip clubs until the fateful night in South Dakota when he met his first mutant space t-rex in a run down skin shack. The T-Rex was dangling her hair nipples and battered beef curtains trying to swindle dollar bills from the innocent when Black Fist challenged her to mortal combat.

After three long grueling hours the disgusting space T-Rex was destroyed, her nasty, pock-marked ass, lying on the stage but Black Fist had to pay the ultimate price. The light in the soul of Black Fist was extinguished but so happy were the hot strippers in the titty bar that they prayed to Space Yeti to bring him back for the dead.

Space Yeti appeared before those gathered in the club and sadly informed the crying strippers that Black Fist was dead…but with “The Power” Black Storm could rise from the ashes. Now, with the knowledge of how to kill the mutant space T-Rexes, Black Storm travels the world with the Yeti Sex Crew destroying butt ugly cum dumpsters everywhere.

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