The Deuce: Kung Fu Brotha

Kung- Fu Brotha started life as Jack Gradenstein, a mild mannered accountant from a rural town where he would help the local farmers keep their books straight. Jack enjoyed numbers and he was good at what he did. His whole dream was to get a job at “The Captain’s Workbench”, a very successful accounting firm, settle down with a nice girl and work on his suped up 1998 Plymouth Neon Expresso.

One day while Jack was sitting at a local diner there was a loud rumbling followed by a mighty crash. One of the Space Bigfoots war ships had fallen from the sky and a battle between the Big Foots and the Yeti Sex Crew broke out. Jack ran as fast as he could to his 1998 Plymouth Neon Expresso, but he couldn’t escape the carnage.

Jack was caught in an explosion and was nearly killed. In fact, he would have been killed except for the fact that when the number two engine exploded, he was covered in The Power, which worked to keep him alive.

After the battle Jack was found by a couple of medics and taken to a local hospital. When he came too he had no memory of who he was and was not at all prepared for the new strengths he was given by The Power.

The medical staff thought he was mentally insane and committed him to the psych ward for further evaluation. Jack should have been released to live a semi-normal life after some basic therapeutic sessions but unfortunately the Space Bigfoot remembered Jack and sent one of their agents to act as his “doctor” and keep him locked up where he couldn’t use his new powers against him.

Jack was scheduled for a lobotomy to ensure he wouldn’t cause a “problem” when he was visited by Space Yeti.  Space Yeti helped free him from the hospital and took him to the Crew. Jack still has no idea who he was, he only knows that now he is Kung-Fu Brotha. Kung-Fu Brotha still doesn’t have full control of “The Power” but he is training under Black Storm. KFB specializes is distracting T-Rexes with promises of mouth sex and parties that are “only a few blocks away” then he and the team destroy them.

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