The Deuce: Mofo Brown

Mofo Brown, often just called “Mofo” is a private dick who don’t really keep it all that private! When Mofo was a young man he witnessed his older killed by a Mutant Midget Space T-Rex with a gnarly face everyone called Snarl. Mofo swore he would devote his life to smackin’ filth ho’s back where they belong and he figured the easiest way to do it was to join the 5-0, so off to the academy he went.

On Mofo’s first real case he learned right away that the po-leese were crooked like an old dog’s leg and they were controlled by the Space-Bigfoot, which as we all know are the lord and massas to the space T-Rex. Mofo tried to bring justice but instead he was framed. They made it look like he got 25 couch dances from the Slopalottapuss and then skipped out on his tab like some kinda nasty muddafukka.

Mofo had to go underground and take odd jobs to continue financing his quest for revenge. After years of hard work and sacrifice Mofo was able to prove his innocence and clear his name but the damage was done and Mofo knew he would never be a jive-ass cop again. Mofo decided to put together a special team to combat the disgusting, vile Space T-Rexes everywhere.

Soon after he decided to organize the squad he was visited in the night by The Majestic Space Yeti who told him to seek out Black Storm. Mofo took Space Yeti’s advice and the two began questing together. Over time the Yeti Sex Crew has grown to include other warriors, fighting against beat up, filth pussy and Mofo Brown is their leader.

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