The Deuce: Richard Thrust

Richard Thrust grew up in Vegas when Vegas was still Vegas, not the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse shell of its former self it is now after corporate America…and “The Man” got his hands on it.

Richard was a street smart hussla by the time he was sixteen and it was about that time the Space Bigfoots done came in and started pushin out the little guys. Richard refused to back down to The Space Bigfoots, The Man, The Boogaloos or any other cracka that tried to mess up his stride. Only problem was that The Big Foots and The Boogaloos and their army of T-Rexes and Troll Pussies was too strong and they ran the young Thrust outta town.

Richard went to the mean streets of Maryland where he got a job as a key grip in the adult film industry. One day while rigging some lights Richard’s life was changed forever. His company was filming Grandma Jams 17 when the male lead done broke his tallywhacker and they needed someone to swing the big meat hammer to finish the scene. The director noticed that Richard’s steak snake was bigger than a baby’s arm and asked him to complete the scene. That day Richard discovered his love for older women.

Richard Thrust filmed 864 in the next 11 months and poked his dangly banger into thousands of old ladies and took thousands more naps and built himself a reputation as the premier wick sticker on the East Coast. It looked like the milk could never sour for Dick, at least until…Space Bigfoots rained on that parade.

As it turns out, the number one demographic that bought rank old lady porn was none other than Space Bigfoots, after seeing Richard and his meaty member in all those films the Space Bigfoot community grew jealous of Richard. The hatched a plot to hire Richard to star in a film where he would have sex with 500 old ladies in a row and then take a sexy nap. When Richard showed up to make the film the Space Bigfoots jacked his ass and shot up his trouser cobra with an elixer to make it limper than gandmama’s Sunday Spaghetti.

Richard was crushed, if he couldn’t get his tower to elevate he couldn’t poke any more old ladies. He vowed to destroy the Space Bigfoots anyway he could. Richard began training and quickly became a master in all types of fire arms. Soon he was a master of melee weapons as well as explosives. Richard became a Space Bigfoot bounty hunter of sorts, he got himself a badge and an armored car and set out to destroy his foe.

With all his training Richard was able to pt up quite a fight, he even managed to kill a few of the vile beasts, but he was still out numbered and out gunned. One night the Space Yeti came to Richard and told him to seek out Mofo Brown and Black Storm, together they could defeat the Space Bigfoot plague.

Space Yeti gave Richard a pill to put the jam back in his jammy, and though he was glad to be able to pleasure the geriatric set again, he put the life of an actor behind him. His only focus now is destroying the Space Bigfoots.

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