SNYDER: Says Goodbye?

With today’s release of the album “THRUSTER”, SNYDER fans are rejoicing to once again be hearing new music from their favorite band, but the joy may be short lived.

THRUSTER Released 7-5-11

At an album signing in downtown Liberty Park, founding SNYDER members Dustin King and Turbo confirmed that this would be SNYDER’s final studio album and the upcoming tour which kicks off with the Cheeseburger Picnic is to be their farewell tour.

“We’ve been making albums since 1983, it might be time to try something else” King Dut said while signing his autograph to a woman’s breasts who definitely didn’t ask him too.  “We wanted to do one more album and tour with as many of the original members as possible and that’s what this was. We had me, Dut, Nasty and Bodie as well as The Jage and Asian Cimba, this is a fitting way to say so long” Turbo added.

When asked what this new album is about, King Dut said, “The premise is that our dicks are like the crystal skulls and during an orgy our dicks communicated with one another and a bunch if weird shit happened.” Turbo replied, “Its about this kid Richard Thrust, who joins a band and rockets to fame and has to learn to deal with it. He’s faced with the question, is it actually better to burn out or fade away”.

So what is the band going to do now? As we previously mentioned there is a SNYDER Biopic being made, Bodie is planning on releasing another album about the excitement of napping and being real quiet. Nasty has stated he will return to Texas and continue to be white and republican. JaGe has stated that he has a strong interest in joining a monastery and “studying the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ”. Asian Cimba will probably go back to not mattering since he was only ever in the band because he kind of looked like previous members Black Cimba and Original Cimba.

And as for the two most recognizable members of SNYDER…well they’ve already TEAM SNYDER ROCKIN’ RACIN’ which is a monster truck team. “I think it was just a matter of time before we ended up here, I mean its god damned monster trucks” King Dut said. Turbo added, “I love monster trucks and tractor pulls. I admit it with pride and I feel my mullet growing!!!”


The team’s truck, The XXXPLORER is being driven by Marine Leo. The boys are so confident in their truck and Leo’s ability as a driver that they’ve already purchased Ted Kaczynski’s old cabin and had it transported to Liberty Park to house all of their trophies.  “Sometimes you just gotta fucking race and crush cars and shit with a big truck! What’s more rock n’ roll than that?” Turbo stated.


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