The Road to Sturgis 2012: Trip plan

Alright, folks, below is the comprehensive email Turbo has put together for us.
I just want to say one thing real quick. I am not going to beat anyone’s ass over this trip, or be a bully. But i will say this… You are going to get one shot at this life. Life is about all the shit you did. All the shit you saw, all the crazy adventures you have had. Stop painting yourself into a fucking corner, where you look back on the past couple months or even years and realize you have none goddamn nothing. Its time to start doing something. Its time to understand that this life is about adventures and accumulating stories, so we can all bang chicks when we are in nursing homes. I’m never gonna stop humpin’. And I’m telling you all this right now, when we are 90 years old and and in an old folks home and your wife loves hearing all my tales of the high seas and unspokenly realizes her husband was a boring old coot who did fucking nothing fun, ever, I can and will fuck her dust covered cunt while you piss into a bag and suddenly realize all your memories were adventures you watched on TV that were undertaken by characters who are not even real.
You have 56 weeks to get your goddamn act together. Dont wait until 5 weeks are left, 15 left, or even 40 left. Start right now and stick to it. If you want to go on this fucking excursion, quit making bullshit excuses about your wife being upset or you cant get work off. Get the fucking days off. Tell your control freak wife you are fucking going. I’m not singling anyone out, even though I’m sure Frankie thinks this is directed at him (we talked about the trip earlier today).
If you want to come, make it fucking happen. Cowardice is not fucking noble.
Read the goddamn email. lol
~ Dut
I made a map to hit up the stuff that’s along the way.
Must See (Kevin Costner’s Park)
If we have time
Hi jinx
Things along the way.
Possible Iowa Hijinx. yes to this trip mofos or you’re all a bunch of Cowards. This is like the Civil War, both the war and the Guns and Roses song in that everyone knows what it is by this point, lots of people will probably regret it later and it will be filled with bad decisions. Don’t be like the South or Axl Rose for that matter and be stuck living a life of wondering what could have been, be like The North and Slash where you put up a W on the big board of life, see a lot of the country, wind up drunk and partying and make a sweet solo on every album you play on while wearing an awesome hat.Don’t let me down boys, your country needs you, your life needs you and most importantly Turbo needs you.

3 responses to “The Road to Sturgis 2012: Trip plan

  1. Actually its:
    I have a chopper and a bad memory.

  2. You wanna go? I will go!
    my email is I live in VA.

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