SNYDER Farewell Tour major announcement.

Dateline Bedford Pa.

Live from Leo’s “Mad Man Theater and Drag Review”

The world was rocked last month when just after releasing their latest studio album “Thruster” members of the band SNYDER announced that the upcoming tour will be their last.

THRUSTER Released 7-5-11

SNYDER played two shows after the announcement at The Cheeseburger Picnic and at the First Annual Ohio Burlesque Festival. These shows were not considered to be part of the Farewell Tour, but you could sense the sadness in the audience that the band’s days were numbered.

Keyboard player and long time on again off again member of SNYDER, Bodacious Bodie Shotgunn was the first to speak. “I think every member of SNYDER would like to thank all of our fans for supporting us over these last decades and we want to give them a show they’ll never forget”.

Bodacious Bodie Shotgunn

Founding member and lead guitarist Turbo Von Croylestien was the next to chime in stating, “This tour is going to be more than just some concert. Every stop on this tour will be a two day music fest, really a carnival of carnage, sin and decadence the world has never known”.


King Dut took a moment to give a shout out to Aggie Noon, the band’s first fan and long time producer before addressing the crowd. “This tour is going to give us the chance to play with some of our favorite bands. Jackyl, Anvil, Steel Panther, KISS, Bruce Kulick, Hardline, The Frogs, Spinal Tap, Queens of the Stone Age, Tattoo Rodeo, Slaughter, Mike Smith, Motley Crue, Slash, Chris De Burgh, Rush, Looking Glass, The Doobie Brothers and Queensryche have already signed on to play SNYDERFEST and we are expecting at least 10 more bands to join the fray.”

King Dut

The band’s latest addition, JaGe, the bass player expressed his sadness that his tenure with the band was so short but said he was looking forward to an amazing tour.

The JaGe with his custom "JaGer-Bomb" Bass

The band then took a few moments to address what they were going to be doing once the tour ended. “As most of you know, King Dut and I have already started our monster truck racing team. We have the SNYDER XXXPLORER in competition already and we are in the process of adding two more trucks to the team”, said Turbo. Bodie announced that he will be returning to the studio to record the followup to his massively successful solo album “Come Nap With Me” and will be touring extensively with his new band. JaGe and Asian Cimba announced that they will be hosting amateur night at the Pretty Kitty and will probably “do something people wont pay attention too”.


For more updates on the band and details on SNYDERFEST: the Farewell Tour, stay tuned to the SNN- SNYDER NEWS NETWORK

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