Hey there you greasy bastards

Daddy’s home kiddos.

So what has the Hey Stupid universe been up to since the last time I gave a shit to check in with all of you assholes? I am still getting plenty of emails from the dumb shits that actually take this site seriously, so to that I say, thank you for actually being retarded enough to take the time to not only read my bull shit blog but then responding to me as if you think I have any interest in what you have to say.

So what is in store for the world’s most fantastic website in the year 2012? Well I am not really sure. I am working on a new lust list, probably going to review some albums, get drunk and masturbate in my basement, and talk a whole lot about how awesome KISS is.  There will probably be some more Mum-ra and Krang comics since I know you ass holes eat that up as well as documentations of some of the Hey Stupid road trips.

So long for now. I hate you all.

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