No Retreat, No Surrender

 the receiver lays on their back with their lower back and legs raised all the way up so that their ankles are crossed behind their own head. The exact end position will depend on the flexibility of the receiver. This position totally exposes the groin area to the giving partner who lays atop the receiver to perform. The giver moves up and down on the receiver to create friction. The giver needs to use their hands to support their own body weight so as not to crush the receiver.

This position requires considerable flexibility on the part of the receiver and it cannot be (fully) achieved by most, but it is wonderfully “naughty” due to the feeling of being totally exposed. Those less flexible might try getting into the position, but stop at the point where the position starts to become uncomfortable. The giver can also help those less flexible by using their hands to support the receiver’s thighs at mid-point.


The male version of Eve’s Ecstasy, the Throat Swab can be a very exciting position for many men. The performing partner lies back on a couch or bed, tilting their head over the edge, while their partner penetrates their mouth from a kneeling, squatting, or standing position (depending on furniture height). Experiment carefully with the speed and forcefulness of any thrusting to keep it comfortable for the performing partner.

Since the performing partner needs air to stay alive, pause frequently to give time for breath…

Black Eagle

In the Spread Eagle variation of cunnilingus, the receiving partner lays on their back with their feet planted to either side of the shoulders of their performing partner. This position is a big hit for its high level of comfort and the additional hand stimulation that can be provided. Because of the lack of contact from other parts of the body the experience can (ironically) be even more intense for the receiver, as all sensation can be focussed on the highly sensitive groin area (if desired).


This is a variation of Doggy-Style that due to the extreme body angles means that the penis is most likely too far away from the vagina for it to be practical; this position is therefore most suited to anal sex. The receiver is on knees with the upper body lowered.The giver faces away and crouches over the receiver’s rear end; pointing the penis at a downward angle the giver inserts and then thrusts up and down.


A wrestling inspired hold you can play dirty with, this is one submission move your partner won’t want to escape. You can achieve a unique angle of penetration, and it’s also a great way to massage all around the G-spot!

Inspired by the original pose Scissors, Seated Scissors still utilizes an inter-crossing of lovers’ legs, but is easier to perform because sexual partners have more leverage to move, owing to a more upright seated position. Moreover, the receiving partner leans slightly forward over the other lover’s leg, which further facilitates comfort, movement – and of course, pleasure!

Death Warrant

A very intimate position, the See-Saw will definitely bring you and your partner closer. To get into this position, the giver sits up with legs straight while their partner sits on top of them with legs planted on either side. Although movement is limited, don’t underestimate the passion that can be experienced using it.


The Sockets position differs from the Scissors position because although the partners’ legs are inter-crossed (or scissored), the top leg of the receiver is placed in front of the giver’s chest, rather than behind them. This means the receiver is laid on their back, rather than side. This position allows for an unusual angle for penetration. It also has the advantage of not trapping the receiver’s lower leg and so is more comfortable. However, care should be taken to not ever-extend the penis which is pointed at an unusual (downward) angle.

Double Impact

A variation of the Intersextion position the Twister position differs because both the giver’s and receiver’s legs are wrapped around each others torso (head to toe). This allows for an unusual angle for penetration. However, care should be taken to not ever-extend the penis which is pointed at an unusual (downward) angle.

Universal Soldier

In the Sitting Bull position the giver sits on a bed or other service with their legs open, and has their partner lying on their back with their legs over the giver’s shoulders. It is quite an awkward position to get into, so the easiest way to get into it is by having the receiver lay down backwards from a kneeling position and then swing their legs up-and-over. Although a fairly comfortable position for both partners, it does lack in mobility for penetration.

Hard Target

Sit on a counter and have your man stand facing you. His legs should be slightly bent, spaced 3 feet apart. With your arms on his shoulders and his arms around your lower back, slowly pull your right leg up and prop your right foot on his left shoulder. Then pull your left leg up and prop your left foot on his right shoulder.

Nowhere to Run

basically the Missionary position but with the receiver’s legs extended out straight and forming a v-shape toward the ceiling. To get into the position, the receiver simply lies down on their back while their partner lies face-down on top of them. The receiver then extends the legs as shown.

Cyborg 2

If you and your partner have struggled with slipping out in the Cowgirl position, then the Rodeo should reduce this irritating occurrence at the possible expense of clitoral stimulation. In a nutshell, the Rodeo position is simply Cow Girl with the receiver facing the opposite way the receiver. Although the receiver no longer presents their breasts / chest to their partner for easy access, they provide great access and a great view to the receiver’s rear end.

Street Fighter

Side-Rider position is a variation of Asian Cowgirl, where the receiver is facing sideways-on from their partner and plants their feet instead of kneeling. Although not a big deal for the young and nimble, this position can be extremely difficult and tiring for many receivers, so their partner should offer some support using their hands whenever possible.


Belonging to the fellatio family, this is akin to YMCA in the cunnilingus department. If the receiver can comfortably hold this position, or with the support of their lover’s arm around the waist, the receiver can be transported to a realm of pleasure never experienced before.

Not only is it easier for the giver to take more length deeper in the mouth, it also allows the receiver to gaze at the others genitals, albeit upside down! This pose also facilitates a deeper sense of trust between sexual partners as the receiver must depend on the other to support their weight if balance is temporarily upset … or the ability to ‘contain’ themselves is lost.

Sudden Death

To get into the Pirate’s Bounty position, the receiver lies on their back with one of their legs resting on the shoulder of their partner, the other wrapped around their partner’s thigh (the mast). The giver enters from a kneeling position. A little easier to perform than the similar Deep Stick, this position holds true to its name, meaning the giver can penetrate with everything they’ve got, unless of course they are too big. Any genital altitude difference can be corrected for easily by using pillows.

Maximum Risk

Not for the timid, the Amazon can be one of the tougher woman-on-top positions. It is not the easiest position to get into, but it does give the receiver a sense of control and power that is absent or low in most positions. To get into this position, the receiver squats over their partner while resting on the back of their partner’s legs, which are brought towards their chest to expose them at a unique angle. If the receiver is comfortable with their balance, they can reach behind and under to give their partner some additional manual stimulation.

The Quest

The Peepshow version of fellatio has both partners lying on their sides, both facing the same way, head-to-toe. The receiver opens their legs to allow their partner’s head between their thighs from behind. The giver performs oral from a side-laying position. The giver is also able to reach around and use their hands to caress and explore their partner’s lower body.

Double Team

A variant of the Acrobat position, the Pearly Gates position is one of the favorite positions for intimacy. Unlike its close cousin, regular Rear Entry, this position offers incredible access to the receiver’s chest and neck while offering a great penetration angle for g-spot or prostate gland stimulation. To get into the position, the giver lies on a bed with their partner lying on top in line with them.

Note: since the receiver doesn’t have very much leverage, movement is mainly the giver’s responsibility.


If you’ve got access to a bar like this at home and you haven’t yet tried your own version of Monkey Bar, now is the time! Not only is it physically invigorating, it creates an unusual sensation of penetration.

In order to make it work, the giver must be prepared to do partial pull-ups repetitively. This requires cardiovascular strength and fit arms. By reaching behind and holding onto the giver’s hips or buttocks, the receiver can help keep them steady and direct the focus exactly where it’s wanted.

Height differential might make this challenging but it’s nothing a high pair of heels or a mild squat by the receiver couldn’t fix.

Knock Off

To get into the Mirror of Pleasure position, the receiver lies on their back with both their legs resting on one shoulder of their partner, who enters from a kneeling position. It can be difficult for the giver if the genital altitude difference isn’t corrected for, but thankfully that can be done easily using pillows. Similar position to Deep Stick where the receiver has one leg on each shoulder.

Universal Soldier: The Return

Since our research concluded without finding an existing name for this position, we at are privileged to name it the Leg Glider. Although it is considered extremely difficult by the inflexible, it is a massive hit amongst virtually all who can do it. The receiver simply lies on their side, with their upper leg pointed towards the sky or against the giver’s shoulder, while their partner enters using a kneeling position.


With great face-to-face contact, Mastery is a very intimate position that’s great for those that like to do a lot of kissing during intercourse. To get into the position the receiver simply sits on their sitting partner facing them. Unfortunately, when performed as illustrated, the position isn’t great for generating vertical movement, so if you want to experience the full effect (as shown in the ratings below), make sure to try it on a stool or chair that lets the receiver get a good footing.

The Order

Similar to its counterpart, the Big Dipper, this exhilarating position requires the ‘pumper’ to have significant arm strength and overall endurance. Because our little dipper has to dip low enough to penetrate their partner, this move is all about working the tricep and shoulder muscles.

Basically, the receiver needs to place themselves between two unmovable objects, preferably a sturdy couch edge and a coffee table or ottoman. The receiver starts by sitting on the edge of the couch, hands on either side of them, and places their feet on the object in front. The receiver slowly slides their butt off, thus assuming the position and is helped onto the phallus through the giver’s guidance.

The distance between receiver and giver can be minimized (thus making this easier to perform) by placing pillows or positional aids underneath the supine partner’s buttocks. The giver can also assist their lover by thrusting up towards the receiver – besides, how could one resist?


What better way to motivate yourself to work out than to integrate it into your sexual repertoire? Yes we know, why spoil something so fun with exercise – but how about just enough to get your adrenaline flowing and your heart really pumping?

The successful execution of Big Dipper, along with its little sister Little Dipper, depends on arm endurance and core strength. The ‘pumper’ positions themselves in between two very sturdy units such as a couch edge and an ottoman, placing their hands on the surface behind (as for a triceps dip) and their legs out in front on the other surface. The other lover stands over them with knees slightly bent, straddling their legs. The receiver can counter any height differences by squatting. If it’s too tough to for the giver to do a full dip, the receiver may engage in squat thrusts to create more movement.


The Ben Dover position is essentially Standing Doggy-Style but with the receiver bending over at the waist. In a venue where lying down is undesirable, this is a great position to practice. It is advised that the receiver place their hands on the floor, or grabs their ankles, to balance themselves; this will allow for a more enjoyable experience, faster thrusting, and less likely-hood of falling over. Bending over pushes the pelvis back against the giver allowing easier and deeper penetration, but is otherwise less intimate than the regular Standing version.

For variation the receiver should try spreading their legs apart or bringing them together. However, the farther you spread your legs the deeper the giver is going to have to squat to gain access; say hello to burning quads. To overcome height differences, the giver should try squatting, or the receiver should be given something to stand on.

In Hell

The Butler is Forbidden Fruit stood up. However, it is not quite as intimate and sensual a position as the receiver is not as totally exposed to the giver. It is nonetheless very pleasurable! The receiving partner stands while their partner kneels behind and between their legs. The position is particularly suited to analingus and other anal play.

Wake of Death

A unique twist on the Dancer position, the Ballerina position is a lot of fun if you are looking for something with more face-to-face contact. Both partners simply stand facing each other, the receiver raises one of their legs to give easier access while their partner helps support it. If the receiver is not very flexible, you may want to try putting the raised leg onto the hip of the giver.

The Hard Corps

A variant of the Acrobat position, the Bent Spoon position is one of the favorite positions for intimacy. Unlike its close cousin, regular Rear Entry, this position offers incredible access to the receiver’s chest and neck while offering less penetration angle. To get into the position, the giver lies on a bed with their partner lying on top in line with them, facing the same way and with knees bent. Note: since the receiver doesn’t have very much leverage, movement is mainly the giver’s responsibility.

Second in Command

The secret to executing a successful Booster Seat is to attain the right momentum; although, it does help if the giver has arms powerful enough to make it happen!

This rear entry position is also ideal for anal, and is intense and physically exerting. The receiver looks as though they’re sitting in a chair, but in reality they’re held up at the waist by their partner. The receiver uses the structure under their feet for balance although they are also free to bear some of their own weight (this’ll take part of the strain off the giver); however, it requires a couch or bed that’s low enough to do so.

Here’s a tip for the standing partner – keep your abdominal muscles engaged, your back braced and knees bent; above all else, don’t overdo it or you’ll be sore in the morrow!

The Exam

In The Usual fellatio position the receiving partner simply lays back while their partner performs oral from a lying position between the receiver’s legs. The giver can also use their hands to explore the whole of the receiver’s body. Although not overly intimate, this position is a great treat for the receiver…

Until Death

A variation on the Reverse Amazon, this time with the man on top; the Brute can be one of the tougher man-on-top positions. It is not the easiest position to get into, but it does give the giver a sense of control and power that is absent or low in most positions. To get into this position, the giver squats over their partner (facing away) while resting on the back of their partner’s legs, which are brought towards their chest to expose them at a unique angle. If the giver is comfortable with their balance, they can reach behind and under to give their partner some additional manual stimulation.

The Shepherd: Border Patrol

If all ‘plumb-hers’ were this helpful, women would be springing leaks left and right! This standing cunnilingus position makes the receiver feel confident and in control. Moreover, the slightest adjustment on her part (squatting further, tilting, leaning forward, etc.) translates to different pressure and clitoral stimulation that’s tailors perfectly to her needs.

The couple positions themselves as they would in Eve’s Ecstasy, with the exception that she’s facing toward her partner, not away. This pose is a tad easier for her to maintain and gives her a chance to feast her eyes on her lover’s body. Allowing the giver’s head to hover just over the bed edge gives them lots of mobility to pleasure their lover. However, the partners ought to negotiate their movements carefully, so as to avoid the giver straining their neck.


Bumper Cars is the Rear Entry position with the giver on top but facing the receiver’s feet. Getting into the position is a little trickier than usual. The receiver lies face-down on the bed and has the giver lay on top of them. As the position will put the penis at an unusual angle from the giver’s body (i.e. pointing downwards) care should be taken to not strain the penis further than it is comfortably capable of flexing!

Universal Soldier: Regeneration

This variation of Doggy Style position is straightforward; the receiver is on all fours (but with legs closed), with their partner crouches holding on to the receiver’s bottom or sides. Although Bulldog is popular with most givers, some receivers need time to open up to it due to the lack of face-to-face contact. That being said, once they do, they usually become big fans of it as well.


The Cradle position is very similar to the Bridge, with the receiver’s feet planted and arms behind/below them to hold their upper body off the bed or couch, while their partner enters from a kneeling position. The difference from Bridge is mostly the lesser angle of lean back of the receiver’s body and therefore the lower degree of difficulty.

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