Lost In The Attic: The Toys That Time Forgot Part 9

Pirates of Dark Water


Pirates of Dark Water

This show was so good but the toys were so bad. I don’t even think the arms bent and I know the legs didn’t. What the hell is that about? Its an action figure, dudes, it should be able to participate in actions other than standing and perhaps pointing.

Power Lords


Power Lords

This is just raw, , marketing goodness.  Toy company (Revell) creates a new action figure line. Company hires sci-fi writer to launch back story. Company launches comic book, board game, video game, jigsaw puzzle and coloring books based on toy. Company does not make a tv show, no one gives a shit about toy.  Its unfortunate really because the toys were pretty decently made and lets be honest, James Cameron at least owned that guy up there right? Avatar? Anyone?

Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves


Robin Hood

These toys were awful. As in, couldn’t even sell them in the discount bin at K-Mart awful.  Who wants a Kevin Costner toy? The figures were too small to interact with any other popular toy lines at the time and for a poor kid, that’s a fuckin deal breaker, the play sets and vehicles were shitty and flimsy and most of the figures looked like they just finished dancing over at the “Tool Box”.

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