Tragedy in Colorado

Let me preface what I am about to say with, this is not a joke, this is not an attempt at humor, this is not political, not right-wing/left-wrong, or in any way about gun control.

What happened in Colorado early this morning at the Batman premiere was unthinkable and horrifying. I feel truly sorry for the people of that community, the friends and families of the victims and the victims themselves.

Listening to all of the different media outlets, of course all of the questions were, what do we do about gun control, how do we make movies theaters more secure, its this the nail in the theater industry coffin, and the biggest, why did this young man open fire, in a gas mask and a bullet proof vest in a crowded theater?

To be honest, I hope nothing changes because of this. Gun control debates are important and healthy and feeling safe when in a theater or anywhere else is paramount but this is a situation that nothing could have changed or prevented, you can’t predict what a psycho is going to do.

Then there’s the big question, why did he do it?  We will probably never know and obviously the guy was insane but the first and only thing that jumped in my brain was, I hope upon further investigation, his reason is Rush Limbaugh made me do it.

Again, let me clarify, I don’t care about Rush’s politics, that’s not what this is about, what I do care about is freedom of speech and responsibility for that freedom.

As Americans the most important right we have and the most powerful tool we have to affect change is free speech. To me, this is what truly defines liberty in America. If there is something that you think is unjust and needs to change, you have the right to express that without fear of persecution from the government.

That being said, to quote every thought on power, ever, with (great) power comes (great) responsibility. Obviously Rush is a conservative so naturally he is going to be opposed to liberals, that’s fine, not everyone agrees…that’s how this works. Also, I understand that Rush is an entertainer and needs to excite his audience. That’s how entertainment works. My problem with Rush, Glenn Beck, all of News Corp. and most political talk radio hosts is they cross a line into bat shit, shit house rat crazy and when you do that day, after day, after day, eventually the sane listener is driven away and only the bat shit, shit house rat crazy listeners are left.

Recently Rush shat out of the hole in his face that The Dark Knight Rises was an attack by the Hollywood Liberal Elite on Mitt Romney because the villain, Bane was a jab at his company, Bain Capitol and that the Dark Knight represented president Obama.

Not only is this not true, it doesn’t even make sense. Bane, the villain created by comic book writers specifically to destroy Batman, who did in fact literally “broke the bat” in Knightfall, was created in 1993. And Batman has been the Dark Knight since at least the forties.

I’m not saying that the suspect from this morning has ever listened to Rush but something pushed this deeply disturbed young man over the edge and to an insane person suggestion is a powerful thing.

I know I’m picking on Rush a lot here but truthfully, Right or Left leaning, commentators are going more and more for shock value and I believe they should have the right to say whatever they want, they should also have the decency to consider the weight, the impact and the ramifications they’re words will have.

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